“You’re the Inspiration”

Over the last few weeks, I have had several people tell me that I inspire them or that I am an inspiration.  That is a humbling compliment! I started to think about what it means to inspire and who in my life inspires me.

My children. Ava, for example is the smartest 5 ( 5 ½ if she’s telling you) year old that I have ever met. She has learned so much about life in the last 6 months and has been willing to do just about anything to help with her brother. Or anything else that I might need. She inspires me to be willing to adapt to new circumstances even if it’s a challenge. She has had a hard time learning to deal with the ups and downs of life, but she is always willing to try. That’s inspiring.

Then there’s Abigail, who is so full of life! She is a tough, independent, sweet, little fireball! She is always ready to laugh and have a good time, but can gauge a situation and administer love and compassion with every piece of her. She keeps us laughing and she inspires me to truly count it all joy. She will stop at random times throughout the day to pray because she feels like she needs to talk to the Lord about something, at 3 years old she inspires me to come to Jesus with all of my needs.

And of course there’s Ben. The little man who has had a big life already and he’s just barely 6 months old. He keeps us on our toes, but is such a sweet, happy baby. He inspires me to keep going. Everyday, no matter what, keep going.

Last but not least is my husband, Terrell. He inspires me in more ways than one. Over the course of our 7 years of marriage I have noticed one constant with him. He is a doer. A giver. He is always putting the needs of others before his. Particularly over the last 6 months I have watched him be and do more than I thought possible. He has learned to fix our girls hair. He has taken on all of the challenges with Ben and encouraged me to take a deep breath as we figure it all out. He has become quite the chef and has learned that he really enjoys it! (That one really started about 2 years ago, with Bliss…thank you, Darie!) He inspires me everyday to be selfless. He has shown me what it means to consider others first. But mostly he has shown me that no matter what comes our way, we’re in this together. He inspires me to be in the moment and to love and give with all that I am.


I hope that as we continue to share our story with others, that we do inspire and give hope.

2 thoughts on ““You’re the Inspiration”

  1. Wow…just Wow!! You all are very Inspiring to me from Little Ben up to you and Terrial💖 Your testimony speaks to me Big Time….Especially these last 8-9 months after my 2nd hip replacement…a lot went terribly wrong inside my body….to try to make a long story short because this is your testimony your Inspiration….but at the same time mine also….I’ve been left with first stages of vascular dementia I just learned I won’t be driving anymore…at the age of 65 years old!!! I’ve asked my daughter Laura “Who am I anymore”???? My body has turned against me….any way just a small part of why I am finding so many parts of what ya’ll are going through….I’m continuing to pray for all of your little family….my love is covering all of you and more importantly God’s Love….is covering ya’ll 💖💖💖💖

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    • Thank you, Peg! I am sorry to hear about all that you are going through. I know how hard it is to make big life adjustments very quickly. I will be praying for the Lord to encourage you and give you peace and strength!


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