Baby Hallelujah!

23635449_1672088312841886_1148926486_n¬†Benjamin turned 1 on November 24th and while the day was filled with emotion, it was in the days that followed that the true miracle of his life really shone through. You see, on the day he was born, we didn’t get to spend that day with him. He was up in Nashville at Vanderbilt already while we were still down in Columbia, TN (only about 45 minutes¬† away but it may as well have been 45 hours!). It was the following week, with all of its uncertainty, that we look back on now and feel so thankful that he is here!

The last year has been a roller coaster! We have watched our son fight for his life and win. There have been several times where we thought we may have to bury our sweet boy. In those moments, it was hard to find hope. But somehow, the Lord always knows exactly what and who we needed to help us in those dark hours. We never felt alone! We felt afraid sometimes, but never alone.

As we were sitting around as a family this morning, I remembered the name Abigail came up while I was pregnant with Benjamin: Baby Hallelujah. Before we knew anything about him, even his gender, she wanted to call him Baby Hallelujah!

The Lord sees it all! He knows what we are walking through and He knows who He created. He created Ben, in His image. I am amazed at all He has done. As we start the next year of Benjamin’s life, I may just look at him and think, “Baby, Hallelujah!”.